For cases where very precise and detailed imaging is needed for diagnosis, our dentists may use a specialized X-ray machine called a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner. The images created from these scans are highly detailed 3D depictions of the teeth, jaw bones, soft tissues and even nerve paths in the craniofacial region. These images give our team a better idea of your complete oral health situation.

Because they need to use more radiation than a typical X-ray, CBCT scanners are generally only used in more serious situations where a standard X-ray doesn’t give all the information necessary for diagnosis. If you have an oral health problem that might require a CBCT scan in Utica, New York, please call Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist today at 315-724-3197 to learn more about your treatment options and schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin Zalatan or Dr. Salina Suy.