TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Dysfunction and migraines are common painful symptoms that plague millions of Americans every year. Neither of these problems has a permanent cure, but they are both quite treatable.


Three types of massage are particularly effective at treating TMJ pain: kneading, friction and stretching massages.

With a kneading massage, one only needs to press the fingers against the joints and muscles that are causing the pain and make constant circular motions.

Friction massages simply entail using the index finger to apply gentle constant pressure to the mandible muscle, located at the lower part of the jaw along the jawline.

Finally, a stretching massage uses two thumbs on the muscles that cause the most TMJ pain.

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BOTOX® is not only used for facial cosmetics but is also effective at fighting TMJ and migraines caused by muscle tension. By injecting BOTOX into the muscle, the tension is released, bringing relief for many patients.

Bite Splint

A bite splint is a special type of mouth guard that is custom-made from an impression of the patient’s teeth. The splint keeps the bottom and top teeth separated, lowering muscle tension and preventing teeth grinding.

Laser Treatment

Our dentists can also treat TMJ and migraines through laser therapy. A painless laser is placed at the temporomandibular joint. The laser penetrates the tissues of the joint to decrease inflammation that can cause TMJ or migraine pain.

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