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If you are looking to replace a full dental arch, dental implants in Utica, New York, are the way to go! Dentures might be the traditional restoration option, but dental implants bring increased stability and utility to improve your oral health. If you would like to learn more, contact Zalatan Dental Modern Dentist at 315-724-3197 today and learn more about full-arch dental implants from our experienced dentists, Dr. Justin Zalatan and Dr. Salina Suy.

Dental implants are the most stable and versatile restoration option available in modern dentistry. While many people think that dental implants are only used to replace single teeth, they are a great choice when you need to replace more than one teeth and even an entire dental arch.

Full-arch dental implants use four to six implant posts (the part of the dental implant that simulates the root of the tooth) to hold a permanent or removable denture in place. Unlike traditional dentures that can come loose and “float” around the mouth, full-arch dental implants stay firmly in place, allowing you to smile, eat and speak with confidence. Plus, the dental implants can last for life when taken care of properly, with adjustments and periodic replacements made to the denture.

Our dentists will tell you more about the process of receiving full-arch dental implants when you come in for a consultation, so contact us today and restore your confidence in your smile!

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